Marine Protect

Marine Protect policies are available under four sub-brands …..

Cargo Protect

Ideal for importers and exporters as well as inland cargo, Cargo Protect is flexible with customizable options that let you select the cover you need. Offering single and annual transport options, customers are protected by market-leading cover. Cover offered includes many automatic benefits that can be tailored to cargo and destinations.

Hull Protect

You can turn to Hull Protect for direct understanding of your business and the vessels you employ. Our expert team can tailor solutions for commercially operating vessels.

Marine Liability Protect

Marine Protect provides a suite of liability products tailored for your marine client’s needs, encompassing ship repairers, marina operators, port services, logistics, freight forwarders and their related industries.

Carriers Protect

Ideal for commercial transport carriers; Carriers Protect policies cover cargoes in transit. Designed by transport experts who know the logistics world inside out, Carriers Protect policies are flexible, offering multiple options on the one policy.

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